As announced, robeko GmbH & Co. KG and its technology partners Sputtering Components Inc., Impedans Ltd., SAIREM, Plasus GmbH, Magpuls GmbH and Thin Film Consulting are ready with complete setup and excited to meet you all at this great platform.

#PSE2020 (Plasma Surface Engineering) Industrial Exhibition in Erfurt has already started

You will find us at booths 26 – 30.

If you are attending this Exhibition, make sure to stop by our booth and have a small talk with our colleagues Stefan Riecke, Rolf Schäfer, Dr. Thomas Schütte

Explore about #PSE2020 at www.pse-conferences.net.

First impressions about the PSE2020 you can see in a report of the MDR Thuringia from 08.09.2020:

MDR Thüringen report from 08.09.2020 of PSE2020

Plasma Surface Engineering