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SEREN Power Supplies

robeko provides products of Seren IPS Inc., a leading manufacturer of RFpower delivery components.

At Seren IPS. Inc., innovative technology, applications and design expertiseare combined with world class support to deliver critical RF power solutionsincluding RF Generators, Matching Networks and accessories. Continuousproduct development and dedicated Application/Design Engineering servicesensure success for our customers.

Distribution of Seren’s products in Europe is performed jointly with RFindustries, UK.

RF power supplies

  • R & L Series Generators: (Industrial Applications, Sputter/ Etch/Deposition):
    100W – 30KW, 100 kHz – 40.68 MHz
  • “HR” Series Generators: (Semiconductor, Sputter/Etch/ Deposition, ALD):
    600w – 30KW, 100 kHz - 40.68 MHz
  • M Series Generator: (Table Top, Bias Applications):
    125 & 300 Watts @ 13.56 MHz

Matching networks

  • AT Series (Industrial Applications/Sputter/Etch/Deposition):
    100W through 20,000 Watts @ 350 kHz through 40.68 MHz
  • ATS Series (Semiconductor/Sputter/Etch/Deposition/ALD):
    100W through 20,000 Watts @ 350 kHz through 40.68 MHz
  • Matching Transformers Step up / Step Down (50 kHz – 500 kHz):
    1000W through 5,000 Watts

SEREN RF-Generators, HR-Series

The Seren HR-2001 is a third-generation, 2000 Watt RF Generator. It may be purchased at 13.56 MHz, 27.12 or 40.68 MHz. This lightweight, watercooled ½ rack unit is designed to exceed the most stringent vacuum processing demands. The HR-2001 can be used as the sole source for plasma generation, as a Bias generator, or as one of several generators in a multiple generator configuration. Front panel indicators include AC ON, RF On, Alarm and Interlock. An optional Remote controller (front panel controls and indicators) may be purchased.

Seren “HR Series” products incorporate a separate surface mount technology printed circuit board for controls and RF amplifier. The RF amplifier is powered by a switch-mode power supply.

Seren “HR Series” products utilize LDMOS Field-Effect Transistors in the power amplifier stages. The unit operates in a class AB mode providing power accuracy and stability across the entire power range.


  • CE marked
  • Up to 5kW Half rack
  • Internal DC Switcher
  • High speed pulsing
  • Agile frequency tuning
  • CEX w/ digital phase shifter