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MAGPULS Pulse Power Supplies

Magpuls Pulse Power supplies provide highest flexibility and supreme performancefor plasma nitriting processes, bias applications and magnetronsputtering including ambitious reactive and HIPIMS processes.

The MAGPULS Unipolar and Bipolar Pulse Power Supply series MP 1, MP 2and MP 2 – HC are constructed in two separate units. One unit is the DC powersupply which provides the DC power into the big capacitor bank of the pulseunit and the pulse unit with the integrated sophisticated ARC management.

The MP 2 – AS family follows the same design principle, but needs twoseparate DC power supplies to make the asymmetric pulse feature possible.

Depending on model and application the power supplies are available withpeak currents of up to 1500 A (MP 2 – HC) and with up to 8 adjustablepulse wave forms (MP 2 – AS). The DC power is in the range of 6 – 75 kW.Higher power available upon request.

The duty cycle can be adjusted within the range from !0.002% up to99.998% and for the bipolar MP 2 family is individually adjustable for eachhalf wave. The new MAGPULS enhanced ARC management provides bestcoating results without process interruptions.

Optional the all MAGPULS power supplies are provided with an externaloptical input interface for external controlling of the pulse times as well asan optical output interface for triggering or synchronization of other unipolaror bipolar pulse power supplies of the MP 1 and MP 2 series.


  • Up to 8 different operating modes depending on model including DC mode.
  • Adjustable pulse parameters and frequency
  • Enhanced Arc Management


  • Universal Application range with one power supply
  • Optimum adjustment of process and high process stability.
  • Best Arc suppression and lowest Arc energy for best performance

Up to 8 adjustable pulse wave forms


MP 2 – HC Bipolar HIPIMS + + + + + - + -
Pulse Power Supply Type                
MP 1 Unipolar + + - - - - - -
MP 2 Bipolar + + + + + - + -
MP 2 – AS Bipolar Asymmetric + + + + + + + +

*refer to diagram above, AS = asymmetric, PPT = programmable pulse train, + = mode available

Arc Management

Function 4-S-C (available for all MP2-Models)

Permanent checking the current and voltage situation of the plasma, in thecase of ARC starts a controlled ARC-reduction process. Operates in allmodes Bi-, Uni-Polar + HC Bipolar.

Arc Management

I max - Detection 0 A up to max. pulse current
Voltage >200 ns
OFF time after ARC Detection 500 μs up to 1000 ms
di/dt dynamic change Var. di/dt threshold: 0 A/μs up to 2000 A/μs
Voltage drop Var. U threshold: 0% up to 100% UDC (option)